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Frog in a kettle

Being a frequent internet user, I've collected a lot of off-line bookmarks which I carefully backup and move from one computer to another. The issue is that by using several browsers and mobile devices, I've got some five sets of bookmarks. Like a frog, I haven't named it as a problem at all until recently.

So what would solve my problem? Some on-line service, of course.

What about or ... bingo, they both exist.

So my quest for the ultimate on-line bookmark service begun.


I want to dedicate my time just to using the best one, so here are my criteria:


  • support for import and export

  • mobile version (WM6, Symbian, iPhone, OperaMini) supported - at least for searching the bookmark

  • easy adding of bookmarks in a wide range of PC browsers (MSIE6+8, Opera, FF3.5.3+, Chrome)

  • favicon and/or thumbnail support for links and for folders

  • private and public section

  • simple and effective search

  • easy log-in

  • the account does not expire


    • different language interfaces (english, czech, spanish)

    • backups sent regularly to an e-mail

    • off-line version (e.g. through GoogleGears)

    • easy account set-up


A quick and dirty sweep revealed following independent services:,,,,

And browser preferred bookmarking systems like

  • based bookmarks which sync perfectly with OperaMini or

  • MSIE mobile bookmarks which sync via MyPhone Microsoft service.

I do not want however to reinvent the wheel so soon I am going to look what others have already discovered.

What is favourite bookmarking service of yours? And why?



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